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What is stenciling?

A Breif History of Stenciling:

Stenciling is the method of applying a design onto a surface by sponging, spraying, rolling, brushing, or dabbing paint through a cutout overlay placed on a surface. A key advantage of using a stencil is that it can be used repeatedly to rapidly reproduce a design or lettering.

It’s nothing new! Really, our ancestors used this method on cave walls back in 10,000 BC where they used pigment to spray around a hand held up against a stone wall. Later the first paper stencils were developed by the Chinese in 105 AD and soon the technique made its way to Japan where they were used for colorful cloth applications. Eventually stenciling spread to Europe and immigrants brought the use of stencils with them to the new world.

Today’s stencils are fairly simple to reproduce with the use of laser technology. With the many materials available today such as mylar and PETG, stencils can be used several times over making them a cost effective medium.

Today, stencils are used in manufacturing, sign making, home decor, arts and crafts and many DIY projects. Laser Excel can help you design and cut your custom stencils so give us a call to get started!

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  1. It’s cool that stenciling was used on cave walls back in ten-thousand B.C. I’m curious to know how they made stencils back then. I’ve been wanting to make a cool name plate for myself, so I’ll be sure to keep in the benefits of stenciling in mind.

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