Add laser cutting value to your project

Sample Kits

Laser Excel, LLC is proud to now offer sample kits! The sample kit showcases many of the capabilities that can be done at Laser Excel, and also highlights some of the different materials that we can offer.

The sample kit box was constructed with the following procedures:

  • Laser Cutting: All of the puzzle pieces were laser cut. Laser cutting produces remarkable precision, intricacy, accuracy and polished edges on most acrylics. We can laser cut up to 1-1/8″ thick acrylic!
  • CNC Routing: The base of of the kit was routed and then hogged out to created a pocket.
  • Digital Printing: The top cover was digitally printed listing some of Laser Excel’s capabilities.
  • Screen Printing: A select few of our puzzle pieces were screen printed.

Why not let Laser Excel help put the pieces of your next project together? Give us a call today to request a sample kit or quote!