Add laser cutting value to your project

Screen Printing / Litho Mounting

Screen Printing: 

  • Can print first or second surface
  • Screen Printing can be a flood coat or a spot print
  • We can print on multiple materials such as Acrylic, ABS, MDF, and Styrene.
  • An area up to 30″ x 40″ can be printed.
  • Up to 4 colors
  • UV or conventional ink
  • Color match or use a PMS #
  • Applications include signs, display components, awards, letters/logo

Litho Mounting:

  • We can mount acrylic first or second surface
  • We use an optically clear adhesive to mount the litho to acrylic
  • Send us your supplied litho
  • Can laser cut to shape, including any cutouts
  • Applications include signs and display components

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