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Laser Excel LLC’s 3 rules to stenciling…



When stenciling, a key factor in your success is remembering these 3 rules:

  1. Do not use too much paint.
  2. Do not use too much paint.
  3. Do not use too much paint.


Yup, that’s the best advice we can give you to start with. No matter what your application tool of choice is, a stencil brush to pounce, sponge daubers, a roller or sea sponge, too much paint will give you a stenciling migraine. All that extra paint will get under the edges of your stencil and you will have the “ooze effect” to deal with. It will be worth your time to do several, light, “dry brush” applications to build up to the color you want opposed to applying gobs of paint at once. Trust us!


So, what is a “dry brush”? Put a small amount of your paint on your pallette and begin lightly loading your application tool with paint. Work the paint into the tool a bit and then use the paper towel to “off-load” the paint from the brush, roller, or dauber until it is a bit dry then start applying the paint through the stencil. Do this little exercise each time you load the application tool and you will soon get the hang of the “dry brush” technique and you will see great results. Happy rolling, brushing, stippling and daubing!!

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