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So you want to start stenciling?

So, you want to start stenciling?!
Here is a short list of what you will need to help get you started:
  1. Yup you guessed it, you’re going to need a stencil. We can custom make your stencils right here at Laser Excel, LLC. Just give us a call to get started!
  2. Paint.. Depending on your project – acrylic craft paint, house paint, chalk paint, enamel, fabric paint, stencil creams, even pan pastels.
  3. Paint applicators. A paint brush (flat head stiff bristle stencil brush) or foam bushes, paint roller if this is the application tool of your choice, sponge stencil daubers
  4. A palette. Most people use a plate, any kind including a paper plate (cheap and quick cleanup) will work. 
  5. Paper towels or paper bag. Used to daub excess paint on to get that dry brush consistency with your application tool. 
  6. Sponges. House hold and/or sea sponges…an alternate application tool. Good for stenciling large areas. 
  7. Masking tape. Used to hold the stencil in place. 
  8. Spray adhesive. This is a great tool to hold the stencil in place for certain applications. 
  9. A surface to paint on. Walls, wood, glass, paper, plastics, fabric, canvas, perhaps even the side of a barn. 
The world is your canvas! Happy Stenciling! 
The image was created using a stencil at Laser Excel. Hand painted by Lilah Farrell, a graphic artist at Laser Excel.

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